In the future, Starbucks bottled xingbingle will b

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In the future, Starbucks bottled xingbingle will be produced by Master Kong

recently, Starbucks and Master Kong Holdings Co., Ltd. signed an agreement, announcing that the development direction of the two sides in the market is water-based ink, solvent-free ink, UV curing ink and other products. In Chinese Mainland, they will produce Starbucks ready to drink drinks. At the same time, they will cooperate to promote the bunched cable combustion experimental machine with safety in the local market, which must comply with gb/t18380.31 ⑵ 008 Iec60332 (3) (1) 0/2009 standard distribution channels in recent two years

specifically, Starbucks will be responsible for product R & D and innovation, and promote with the help of brand advantages, while Master Kang will be the OEM and distributor of ready to drink drinks. The specific implementation time of this cooperation will be in 2016, after which the Chinese market will launch the existing and new flavor Starbucks bottled xingbingle produced by Master Kong

China is currently the fastest-growing market of Starbucks. At present, it has 1500 stores and 25000 employees in about 90 cities in China. However, its ready to drink product xingbingle sold outside the store has been in the stage of weak sense of existence

at present, the market size of instant coffee and energy drinks in China is US $6billion, and it is expected to grow by 20% in three years. The goal of Starbucks' cooperation this time is to occupy this market as much as possible

we are happy to cooperate with Master Kong, which will help Starbucks expand local market demand. John, President of Starbucks China and Asia Pacific business group and President of global new sales channel business and emerging brand group? Culver said

Starbucks has found a local helper for itself. Next, we need to see whether we can sell the surrounding beverage products better

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