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Integrated publishing in the "Internet +" era changes the power of reading

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core tip: in the context of the "Internet +" era, digital publishing has sprung up, and traditional publishing is facing great challenges. At the same time, people's reading habits have quietly changed. In this context, what changes need to be made in the publishing industry

[China Packaging News] in the context of the Internet + era, digital publishing has sprung up, and traditional publishing is facing great challenges. At the same time, people's reading habits have quietly changed. In this context, what changes need to be made in the publishing industry

screen reading

has become a new force in reading

in 2014, China's national reading contact rate exceeded 50% for the first time, reaching 51.8%, an increase of 9.9 percentage points from 41.9% in 2013, and an increase of 1.48 times from 20.9% in 2010. When analyzing the reading trend, Wang Biao, director of the Institute of digital publishing of China Publishing Research Institute, pointed out that reading is the most important way of digital reading at present. Among them, the social reading platform, which is considered as a typical representative, is becoming a new reading position and the most prominent new force in current reading

specifically, the reading contact rate of urban residents, male residents and youth groups is higher than that of other corresponding groups. Among them, the use of social platforms such as,, Feixin, and activities such as listening to music and watching videos are the first choice for reading contacts. Among the reading preferences, nearly 30% of readers like romantic novels. It can be seen that compared with traditional paper reading, reading has the characteristics of fragmentation and shallow reading

integrated publishing

escorts the reading of the whole people

in 2014, network writer Tang Jiasan sold more than 9 million books and more than 10 million comics, with a total code ocean of 400-500 million yuan. It can be seen that good works can bring integration. While e-books have broad space, paper books have not been ignored

in the context of the Internet + era, emerging reading and publishing have sprung up. While traditional publishing faces the great challenge of publishing information to the public for the first time, readers' reading habits have quietly changed. To realize universal reading in the Internet + era, we need to realize the integrated development of traditional publishing and emerging publishing. Liang Wei, director of the new technology and new media department of Zhongnan publishing and media group, believes that, for example, the content of readers has not changed, but the presentation and sales methods have been interconnected, as well as some other rich media products that read through the screen. From the perspective of industry, publishing integration refers to the industry between publishing industry and information industry, new technology, modern finance, service industry and other industries. The infrared technology in the second level is the supplement and verification of DSC analysis method. In addition, traditional publishers should be alert to the psychological safety zone, rebuild the professional barriers of content production, and embrace new technologies


promote content digitization the most popular thing about this experimental machine is the release of

in the era of mobile Internet, the integration of science and technology and publishing faces five major challenges, including copyright bottlenecks, carrier restrictions, morphological differences, user selection and piracy, while ushering in important development opportunities. Dingyuehua, deputy general manager of Migu Digital Media Co., Ltd., said that in order to change the digital environment of publishing content in this environment, first of all, we need content innovation, so that more paper books can be distributed digitally, and at the same time, we need to innovate content forms and organizational forms to promote the digital development of mainstream content; The second is product innovation. We should create a distinctive product echelon, innovate product forms, and let users enjoy a more comfortable and rich reading experience; The third is to innovate in operation. Through innovation in portal operation, content operation, user operation and other aspects, high-quality content can be spread and distributed faster and better; Finally, the goal of the project is "To build and test whether the space structure is suitable for the use of space vehicles is to develop innovation, improve the scale of users, create distribution alliances, carry out paper and electricity linkage, expand the blue ocean market, and let more readers read better books.

to promote universal reading under the Internet +, we need to expand massive content, including novels, humanities, social sciences, finance and economics, to meet the needs of all users, and we need to create an inclusive PC, tablet E-books and other reading terminals, three-dimensional interactive Omni channel reading platform. Finally, based on the text, it extends to the whole industry, carries out copyright IP development, realizes open and diversified cooperation, and maximizes industrial benefits. Ding Yuehua said

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