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The fourth stage of the wofan race: the man Fu team got a reversal after lying down and tasting the gall.

the fourth stage of the wofan race: the man Fu team got a reversal after lying down and tasting the gall.

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the champion of the fourth stage of the Volvo round the wld yacht race, the man Fu team, took the lead in crossing the finish line at 16:31 on February 28, Beijing time. The competition in the fourth stage was particularly fierce. The Manfu team, which suffered from the injury of sailors and the failure of communication satellite in succession, was always suffering from hardships and hardships. Finally, at the critical moment less than 24 hours from the finish line, they completed the anti overtaking of the two fleets in front of them and won the championship in one fell swoop. This is also the first stage trophy of Manchester United in this competition

Manfu team: endure hardships and eventually reverse

in the whole stage, the performance of Manfu team is relatively stable, and they occupy the third position among the six fleets most of the time. As they also chose a conservative route when crossing the Luzon Strait, Manford was thrown away by Brunel, the leading team at that time. However, the mistake of route selection is not the biggest problem that Manchester United has ever faced. On the night of February 14, the Manfu team found that the communication transmission on board was faulty and could not receive any weather information, which was undoubtedly blindfolded for the fleet sailing at sea. In the next few days, Manfu team was almost in a "blind" state. Francisco villale, who accompanied the ship, recorded the situation on the ship at that time and said, "we only have the function of sending and receiving emails. We can't send photos and videos, and we can't receive weather data. For this reason, the navigator Jean Luc's work is also greatly limited. He can't predict or plan the future route for us." It took several days for the fleet and the event control center to repair the satellite antenna to make everything return to normal

in addition to equipment problems, the Manchester United team also suffered from personnel injuries. So what are the advantages of the pressure shear experimental machine produced by our company? Now let's take a look. On February 13, Willie atatil, a young sailor who was newly on board, hurt his hand and had to wear a bandage. Each of the eight sailors on the racing ship has his own work, and the presence of the wounded and sick will inevitably affect the performance of the fleet. Therefore, Willie insisted on working for several days with swollen hands until the team doctor worried about the deterioration of the situation and ordered him to rest. It is commendable that neither equipment problems nor personal injuries have significantly reduced the ranking of Manchester United

when passing through the equatorial calm zone, Brunel gradually lost its leading edge, while Dongfeng and Abu Dhabi came from behind to occupy the first and second place. However, the Manchester United team still maintained a stable performance and remained in the third position. After rushing out of the equatorial calm zone, the Manfu team still pursued the two fleets ahead indefatigably, keeping a distance of about 10 nautical miles from them. A few days before arriving at the finish line, when everyone focused on the fierce tug of war between the Dongfeng team and Abu Dhabi team, the Manfu team not far away has been silently closing the distance with the fleet in front. On February 27, less than 24 hours before reaching the finish line, the mamford team, which had not been exposed before, suddenly made efforts to surpass the Dongfeng team and Abu Dhabi team in a row and took the lead. They kept their last-minute lead to the finish line and completed a surprising reversal

when announcing its participation in the Volvo round the wld yacht race, the MF team was quite eye-catching, with many Olympic medal winners and famous sailors on the team. However, in the previous stages, their results have always been mediocre, especially in the first stage, if they can do this, it will cause discussion. This time they won the championship trophy of the stage, and the Manchester United team finally proved itself. Harvey, who served as the captain in the fourth stage, said, "we have improved in the second and third stages. But the fourth stage is really good. We have a good team, and I hope our team can maintain such a good state."

Iker Martinez, who missed the third and fourth stages of the Olympic Games training before, also announced his return. He will participate in the next stage from Auckland, New Zealand to itaga, Brazil

about Volvo round the wld yacht race

· the predecessor of Volvo round the wld yacht race originated in 1973. The Volvo round the wld yacht race, which has a history of 41 years, ushered in the 12th race

· this competition was officially unveiled in Alicante, Spain, on October 4, 2014. It will realize a smooth transition without impact when switching between modes on October 4, 2014. It will end in Gothenburg, Sweden, the hometown of Volvo on June 27, 2015

2. Do not put the unused pendulum and nearby at one lift

· during the voyage of 38739 nautical miles, the fleet stopped halfway in Cape Town (South Africa), Abu Dhabi (United Arab Emirates), Sanya (China), Auckland (New Zealand), itaga (Brazil), Newport (United States), Lisbon (Portugal) and Lorient (France). The 24-hour inbound stop in the Hague, the Netherlands, was also set up between Lorient and Gothenburg

· Volvo Ocean 65, a new high-performance sailing boat with unified design, will be used in the next two competitions. The new ship is designed by farryachtdesign of the United States and jointly manufactured by four shipyards from Britain, France, Italy and Switzerland

· the new 65 foot (19.8-meter) monohull racing yacht has been strictly and uniformly designed and delivered to the fleet in a state suitable for the race. The ship is equipped with the latest video, satellite and content production facilities to further improve the quality of programs shot and produced by the crew on board

· the seven fleets of the 12th Volvo round the wld yacht race include: the all women's fleet aishengya team is another fleet composed entirely of female sailors since the season. Abu Dhabi was once again captained by Ian walker, a British silver medalist at the two Olympic Games. The Dongfeng team from China was formed by Dongfeng commercial vehicles. Brunel from the Netherlands was captain of the famous sailor buvi Beijin. Alvi medica team is a joint team of Turkey and the United States, and the fleet is led by Charlie Enright from Rhode Island. The team from Spain announced its participation in June 2014, sponsored and supported by the insurance giant MF insurance group. Vestas wind team from Denmark is the last fleet to announce its entry, with Chris Nicholson, the six time world champion, as the captain

· the last Volvo round the wld yacht race set out from Alicante, Spain, in October 2011. UNITA team led by French Captain Frank camas finally won the championship in July 2012

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