In the hottest era of intelligent transportation,

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In the era of intelligent transportation, the on-board computers equipped with industrial computers shine brightly

for the era of intelligent transportation, the driverless cars that people think about most should be the ones that appear frequently in the media now and always come out of the mouth of big men. However, it will take time for driverless vehicles to be truly commercial. Even after being truly commercial, not everyone can taste them at the first time. This is not only the reason for cost, but also the reason for capacity. In the era of intelligent transportation, can we only fantasize about cars

in fact, you don't have to imagine, because due to the continuous use of on-board computers and the expansion of the role and connotation of on-board computers, cars based on on on-board computers have become a bright color in the era of intelligent transportation. With its powerful capabilities and rich functions, on-board computers have made traditional vehicles more intelligent. With the addition of on-board computer, the car can realize various functions such as navigation and positioning, network function, information indication, entertainment function, security function and so on

since on-board computers are becoming increasingly important to cars, car owners also have a strong demand for on-board computers. So do you have an understanding of on-board computers? The so-called on-board computer is a special automotive information product developed specifically for the special operating environment of the car and the characteristics of electrical circuits, which has high temperature resistance, dust resistance, earthquake resistance and can be integrated with automotive electronic circuits. It is a highly integrated automotive multimedia entertainment information center

as an on-board mobile computer, it also has special requirements in terms of technical requirements to ensure that the on-board computer can operate stably, reliably and for a long time

1. It requires powerful functions and configuration. The on-board computer needs to realize a variety of functions, so it is required in terms of serial port, USB, etc

2. Due to the extremely bumpy running environment of the vehicle, the on-board computer needs to be able to resist strong vibration

3. Due to the influence of strong light, the on-board computer also needs to be equipped with a high-quality display to adapt to the influence of strong light

4. Due to the stability of the on-board power supply, the on-board computer must meet the requirements of wide voltage

5. Due to the large difference of the ambient temperature of the vehicle, it will be subject to strong electromagnetic interference, which requires that the on-board computer can adapt to wide temperature and have the ability of anti electromagnetic interference

in view of such technical demands, the current choice of embedded industrial computer is the most suitable solution for on-board computer hardware. Because the industrial control function fully meets the demands of on-board computers on operation and environment

for the embedded industrial computer required by the on-board computer, the embedded computer product bis-6650e of North China industrial control can be selected. This product is based on Intel braswell- d/m chipset and supports Intel n3060/n3160/n3710 processors. Compared with other configurations, it is more suitable for users to choose in terms of power consumption and price. There are also load tests according to DIN EN 22088 ⑶. Of course, North China industrial control has other embedded industrial computers that can be used for on-board computers, so I won't repeat them here one by one. Moreover, North China industrial control can also provide customized and personalized embedded industrial computer services. When you choose the on-board computer, you can actually choose it according to the psychological positioning of price and the demand of product performance

what are the advantages of North China industrial control embedded industrial control computer for on-board computers in terms of system, which can well meet the technical demands of on-board computers

in addition, there are shore (HS) hardness, shore (HS) hardness, Babbitt hardness, Mohs hardness, etc.

1 High stability, can adapt to various harsh application environments, long-term trouble free operation

2. Low power, ultra-low power processor, no cooling fan is required when using

3. Good image display function, support vga/dvi display mode

4. Perfect expansion capability, providing access methods for connecting various peripherals

5. Easy operation

6. With compact structure and small volume, it can be flexibly embedded in various systems to meet different installation requirements

in the era of intelligent transportation, people's demand for on-board computers has been rising all the way, and has almost become the standard configuration of new cars. Many old car owners also choose to install on-board computers on their cars. In view of such a booming demand, North China industrial control has also successively launched embedded industrial computer hardware solutions to meet the demands of on-board computer technology to meet this demand of the industry. North China industrial control has become a hot choice in the market for its advantages of good earthquake resistance, high and low temperature resistance, humidity resistance, small size, light weight and low power consumption

Introduction to North China industrial control:

North China industrial control, a leader in the professional computer industry and a leader in the field of industrial control computers. We have been deeply engaged in the industrial computer industry for decades, and our quality and reputation have won high praise from the industry and the market. The main products of North China industrial control include industrial CPU card, embedded industrial motherboard, embedded quasi system, industrial chassis, integrated workstation, industrial tablet computer (PPC), network security quasi system, disk array, passive backplane, industrial power supply and industrial computer accessories

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