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Valve enterprises can achieve better development only through international and inter industry cooperation in the future.

today, the development level of Chinese manufacturing enterprises is uneven. To realize the national planning blueprint of "made in China 2025", two tasks need to be completed: one is to change from labor-intensive to technology intensive, and the other is to use digital solutions to win global competitiveness. As a major manufacturing country in the world, the development level of China's manufacturing enterprises is uneven with that of Europe and the United States. In order to realize the national planning blueprint of "made in China 2025", two tasks need to be completed: first, the transformation from labor-intensive materials that must be non cytotoxic, mutagenic and carcinogenic to technology intensive; second, the use of digital solutions to win global competitiveness. As a major manufacturing country in the world, although there is a gap between China and Europe and the United States in the level of manufacturing, China is also likely to lead the tide of global manufacturing reform. The current situation of China's manufacturing industry is facing many challenges, but also created its unique competitive advantage. The most obvious advantage is China's scale effect, such as market size, customer size, industry size, and this scale advantage is unmatched by other countries in the world

but the speed is slow. Although the average level of industrial automation in China is not high by changing the speed of Electromechanical, just like some valve enterprises, they even need to supplement the foundation of electrification and automation to move towards a new stage. However, the Chinese government has realized this problem and proposed to move forward from low-cost manufacturing to high-end manufacturing that pays more attention to quality and customization. In this process, we need to support the innovation environment, the education system and the innovative thinking mode. "Investment, innovation and education" is the most important problem that the Chinese government needs to solve at present. Invest in education, and then implement and apply it. In this process, we will accumulate very deep horizontal and vertical knowledge to prepare for the reform of the value chain

in addition, China's manufacturing industry OECD) has been cooperating for more than 1.5 years, and a considerable part of the production capacity is contributed by small and medium-sized enterprises, rather than by large enterprise consortia. Some enterprises in China's aviation industry, such as Huawei, may have entered the level of super large enterprises, are in the stage of rapid development and have gone to the world. Some European and American experts said that small and medium-sized enterprises are important participants in the value chain. Promoting small and medium-sized enterprises, making them bigger and stronger, and making them a large business consortium will be an important focus for China's future development. Many innovative emerging companies have begun to emerge in the Chinese market. Their subversive concepts and a group of talents who can truly carry out independent innovation are very necessary factors for the future of the manufacturing industry

with the rapid development of industry, many valve enterprises have undergone disruptive changes, and with the changes of the whole value chain, greater changes will occur in the future. We cannot predict what the future will look like, but we can be sure that we all need international cooperation and cooperation between industries in order to achieve better and faster development

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