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Siemens uses RFID to monitor drugs and sensitive goods

db Schenker is now using Siemens' RFID technology to continuously monitor sensitive goods known to the air transport science and Technology Department, such as drugs

Siemens has developed a system with its partners to continuously monitor items using RFID chips. The chip has an integrated temperature sensor that provides important data about the condition of the object

if the temperature exceeds or falls below the preset threshold, an l will be displayed to prevent people and objects from falling, and the ED will warn the consignee that the objects may be damaged when unpacking. In order to find the damaged items, the universal experimental machine extensometer is an instrument for measuring the line deformation between two points of components and other objects. The consignee puts the chip in the reader and transmits the data to a computer for verification

this chip has a battery life of three years. Its sensor is waterproof and resistant to X-rays. The voltage reaches 18 kV. This powerful chip can also withstand falling from a height of 1.5 meters after being padded and screwed down without damage

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