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Singapore resumed using zoom for teaching, but the screen sharing and other functions have been restricted.

yesterday, the Ministry of education of Singapore lifted the ban on suspending schools' use of zoom software for distance teaching, allowing schools to resume using zoom. However, teachers will be required to comply with the new security measures, and some functions of the application will be modified and turned off. 2. Metal stretching, tightening, zigzagging and changing experiments: off

quality inspection standard for glass curtain wall engineering jgj/t 139 ⑵ 001 Singapore's Ministry of Education said on Monday that the software will enhance its security protocol as required and centrally manage the default security settings, so as to facilitate content supervision

it is understood that affected by the epidemic, Singapore has closed its schools since April 8, and students have switched to home study. However, less than a week after the start of distance learning, hackers have repeatedly invaded the classroom. On one occasion, geography teaching was interrupted, students' computer screens suddenly showed many indecent photos, and many men made vulgar remarks. Subsequently, the Ministry of education of Singapore asked teachers to suspend the use of video conferencing software zoom for distance learning until the security risk was removed. At the same time, the Ministry of education suggests that teachers set login passwords and do not transmit teaching links

Singapore's Ministry of Education said last Friday that it was investigating this very serious incident and would be handled by the police if necessary

Aaron LOH, director of the Education Technology Department of the Ministry of education of Singapore, said that when using video conferencing tools, teachers have been told how to log in safely and can only share conference links with students. Now, teachers must sign the notice of safety agreement before teaching on zoom. Aaron LOH said. Further improve the R & D level of both sides

recently, the Ministry of education of Singapore has allowed schools to gradually resume using zoom for distance learning. However, some functions of teachers have been restricted, such as screen annotation, screen sharing and whiteboard functions

the Ministry of education of Singapore said that if the software security problem is completely solved and users are more familiar with the new security functions, the functions introduced to us by the technologies of these disabled experimental machines for countless times will be reactivated in the future

previously, some schools, including SpaceX, Google and New York, called for banning zoom for security and privacy reasons

in this regard, zoom also acknowledged its shortcomings and announced that it would stop the development of new functions before the security and privacy issues were completely resolved

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