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Singapore tests Jiede seamless switching operator network technology in the smart country plan

Singapore tests Jiede seamless switching operator network technology in the smart country plan

-- this round of tests launched in Singapore in November used ESIM technology to verify the management function of practical sensors

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Singapore/Munich, December 5, 2016. The company and IMDA of Singapore have launched this round of tests in November this year. As the main contractor of this round of test, Jiede company will provide IMDA with a test bench for remote configuration of ESIM to IOT equipment. This round of testing was started in November 2016 and will last for at least two months. It will involve practical sensors belonging to the Public Utilities Board (PUB), the national water authority of Singapore

during the test, Jiede will install ESIM in some practical sensors of pub to replace the existing SIM card. These sensors will continue to collect field data and send the data to pub server through mobile network for monitoring and analysis. When necessary, we can deal with the symptoms remotely: the ESIM management system can provide these sensors with switching between the networks of different mobile network operators (MNOS) without direct physical intervention. A potential application scenario is to replace the telecom operator's network when the mobile network contract expires. All three local mobile network operators in Singapore will participate in this round of tests to ensure the maximum network coverage during the test. Jade will be responsible for coordinating the work of all partners

this round of test will also help IMDA better understand the functions of the remote ESIM management system and the challenges it faces

ms. Aileen Chia, Assistant CEO and director general of IMDA (Telecom and postal departments), said: this round of test will explore the feasibility of using ESIM to avoid the trouble of physically replacing SIM cards when switching operator networks, and provide full-time M2M communication

Thomas donle, head of Telecom sales department in Asia of Jiede company, said: This is the most advanced ESIM management solution in the market at present. We are glad to be able to provide support to IMDA and the local telecom community. It has taken an important step towards realizing Singapore's vision of a smart country, which will increase the demand for medical materials if there is a problem in any aspect of biology; The increase of trauma caused by the development of transportation and sports; The economy continued to grow

this round of tests may lead to changes in industry rules, and the project may therefore become a benchmark in the region

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