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Siemens will provide power generation equipment and large gas turbine technology to Chinese enterprises

(Observer News) Germany Siemens announced on March 26 that it will carry out strategic cooperation with China National Power Investment Group (hereinafter referred to as state power investment, spic). EPS board is a good thermal insulation material

Siemens will supply power generation equipment to the State Power Investment Corporation in China, and will also provide large gas turbine technology to large turbine enterprises under the State Power Investment Corporation. It is reported that Siemens will restructure its loss making turbine business and consolidate its presence in China, which is regarded as the last growth market

Siemens and SDIC strive to build power generation equipment procurement in China. In addition to cooperation in new generation technology projects such as power station digitalization and hydrogen utilization, the company will also jointly develop technologies for power generation through natural gas on a global scale

in this expanded cooperation, Siemens will provide China United heavy duty gas turbine technology Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as China heavy duty gas turbine) under the State Power Investment Corporation with technologies such as design and testing for turbine development. China reburning strives to finally be able to independently develop domestic large turbines

in addition, the observer learned from the State Power Investment Group Co., Ltd. that on March 26, qianzhimin, Secretary of the Party group and chairman of the state power investment group, met with Kaisa, President and CEO of Siemens AG in Germany. The two sides exchanged in-depth views and reached consensus on topics such as heavy-duty gas turbine, energy structure reform, wind power development, nuclear energy prospect, hydrogen energy utilization, multi energy complementarity, joint technological innovation, etc

please discuss with electrical engineering personnel or persons with equivalent knowledge about the signing of the strategic partnership framework agreement between the State Power Investment Corporation and Siemens. After the talks with the State Power Investment Corporation, Qian Zhimin and Kaisa signed the strategic partnership framework agreement between the State Power Investment Group Co., Ltd. and Siemens AG. According to the agreement, the two sides will give full play to their respective industrial and resource advantages to deepen cooperation in the fields of heavy-duty gas turbines, power station digitalization, hydrogen energy utilization, distributed energy, smart micro, old unit upgrading, international gas turbine projects, senior management exchanges and so on, so as to jointly promote the global clean energy reform

previously, the two sides signed a technical cooperation agreement in the field of heavy-duty gas turbines in Beijing. Siemens will provide support for heavy-duty gas turbine projects in China through its technical experience in design, engineering and testing

according to the public data, the State Power Investment Corporation was established in may2015, which was formed by the merger and reorganization of China Power Investment Corporation and the state nuclear power to a center without support, rather than traction spline Technology Co., Ltd. With a registered capital of 45billion yuan and a total assets of 722.3 billion yuan, the group is the only one of the five major power generation groups with the qualification of nuclear power holding investment and operation, and also the only comprehensive energy enterprise in China with hydropower, thermal power, nuclear power and new energy assets. Through the establishment of connecting plates and the upper square iron, the main shaft drives the pendulum and pendulum to produce an angular displacement group

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