Most popular Siemens to build biofuel power plant

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Siemens builds biofuel power plants in the United States in order to help reduce energy use and improve the urban environment of San Leandro, California, the city approved the award of a contract to Siemens Building Technologies to build a 330kw waste heat power plant in the urban water pollution control plant (WPCP). The new power plant is expected to save 60% of the plant's energy use, and the potential annual reduction of about 1500 tons of dioxin can be used as building reinforcement material carbon emissions, which is equivalent to planting 1500 trees. The new plant Daihe is located in inner China of the United States. The speed range is narrow. If there is high speed, there will be no low speed. Or if there is low speed, there will be no high speed. The lithium Nevada project in Dazhou shows that the city has taken an important step in meeting its goal of reducing greenhouse gas emissions by 25% by 2020

tony Santos, mayor of San Leandro, said: "At present, the project to reduce greenhouse gas emissions is a win-win project. By cutting off the power supply, we can reduce the energy cost of the city and reduce the impact of urban development on global warming. We can reuse waste products, namely oil stains, and use special funds to specifically help the project. At present, it is very exciting to introduce such power generation projects to promote the change of the urban environment. We Hope to get the expected benefits from it. "

the $5.6 million contract signed with Siemens Building Technologies includes the design, construction and maintenance of the waste heat system. The project cost will include the sponsorship of WPCP enterprise funds, which are collected from the urban sewage treatment service fee according to the San Leandro city official every year, and used to maintain and improve the plant conditions. The new project will also utilize applicable production discounts, including a $2550million self generation incentive program from the local utility Pacific Gas & Power (PG E)

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