Most popular silk instead of plastic for packaging

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Silk instead of plastic packaging

as the use of plastic bags (boxes) to package food has adverse effects on human body, in recent years, the United States, including washing machines and refrigerator products, Denmark and other countries have taken the lead in using silk products as packaging materials. In addition to the paper bag packaging for medium and low-grade food, the companies selling food will use silk fabric packaging for high-grade food. However, the previous manufacturing equipment and technology are far from meeting today's needs. It is said that packaging food with silk products can not only ensure the safety and health of consumers, but also improve the value of goods and attract consumers to buy through artistic processing on silk products. If the gauge boundary can be clearly identified on the computer, the silk fruit packaging bag launched by an American company is made of transparent thin silk, and the bag is painted with fruit and artistic patterns. The fruit packaged in this packaging bag is very popular in the market. Customers queued up to buy an artistic silk packaging bag. In addition, silk products are also used for the packaging of other commodities. For example, the cosmetics of the Danish inbasny company also use silk as the cover of the packaging box. The use of the girl tensile testing machine is divided into many moving image patterns, showing the beauty of women using cosmetics. The price of this packaging box accounts for 50% of the original price of cosmetics. (Li Rong) (packaging world)

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