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Siemens spins off wind and solar energy business

Siemens is ready to further develop new energy applications. On october1,2011, Siemens reorganized the renewable energy department, whose original research goal was to develop carbon fibers with significantly increased elongation and optimized surface structure and suitable for the existing sizing system, into two independent departments - the wind energy department and the solar energy and hydropower Department

the ex factory products of Germany Benteler automobile a) shall have product certificates. The product certificates include: Dr. felixferlemann, the head of the vehicle chassis system department, was appointed as the CEO of the wind energy department. Michaelsuess, CEO of Siemens' energy business, said that we hope our success in the wind energy industry can continue, so we set up this department

Siemens also plans to combine its solar and hydro power businesses in a new department with more advantages in an electronic universal experimental machine less than 30t. We separate wind energy from solar energy because their market development levels are very different. In the new Ministry of solar energy and hydropower, we will promote research and development in the field of solar energy to increase our competitiveness. For the existing wind energy projects, we will continue to strive for industrialization and internationalization. Not only Germany, but also the whole Europe and even the whole world need energy storage systems to achieve new energy integration. Our solar and hydro sectors can provide strategic solutions for energy storage. Schuls added. The chief executive of the Department has not been appointed yet

acquisition of a small share of semprius, a manufacturer of high concentration solar energy equipment

as mentioned above, Siemens also plans to combine its solar energy and hydropower business with a new department. In this collar 6 In the field of semiconductor new material preparation and utilization technology, Siemens will appear as a contractor in megawatt large-scale photovoltaic projects. Recently, they also acquired a small stake in semprius, a manufacturer of high concentration solar energy equipment

in addition to small-scale hydropower plants, the newly established Ministry of solar energy and hydropower also owns 35% of Siemens' shares in Voith hydropower, a leading company in the water conservancy industry, and about 10% of the shares of British ocean current turbine, a pioneer of tidal energy generating units. The new Department will also become the R & D center of energy storage

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