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Liu Changchun, chairman of Guangzhou zunba doors and windows Co., Ltd., accepted the exclusive interview of Huiya media reporter, expounded the brand image and service system of zunba doors and windows, and talked about the future development plan

interview guests: Liu Changchun, chairman of Guangzhou zunba doors and windows Co., Ltd.

president Liu: there are two main aspects: quality and service. First of all, we have made achievements in the quality of our products. We have our own product line and achieved independent research and production. We can present the best products to users. In addition, our door and window products have their unique design. Our products lead the trend and stand out in the current situation of serious product homogeneity. We pay great attention to product details and product functionality, and finally become one of the top ten brands of doors and windows in China

after the sales of door and window products, we will continue to track and improve a series of services. We provide a series of high-quality services, so that we can gain many loyal fans and customers. I think most of the door and window enterprises that can have this ability and really achieve these two points are outstanding in the door and window industry

China aluminum doors and windows: the core value of an enterprise is not the size of the enterprise, but the number of product patents. Only by constantly innovating products can enterprises be more competitive. So what are zunba's actions in product innovation? Compared with similar products on the market, what are the advantages

Mr. Liu: we have a hard and fast regulation on product R & D and innovation. We will develop two new products every year, and innovate in product profile color, glass style and other aspects according to market trends and consumer needs. Our main products are swing doors, large folding doors and windows. Among them, the windows we develop for the market include casement windows, sliding windows, broken bridge windows and other categories. Our bridge breaking profile products are more environmentally friendly, with more remarkable effects of sound insulation and heat insulation, and the service performance of the products has been greatly improved

our requirements for these newly developed profiles will also be higher. We will have professional R & D and design personnel to follow up. The products we designed have applied for national appearance patents and utility patents, and the products have been patented. Our products use appropriate and reliable hardware systems, which can obtain orders and added value with high-quality door and window systems, better control their comprehensive costs, realize their commitments to customers (delivery time, quality standards), reduce the workload and troubles of after-sales maintenance and repair, and improve the market image and competitiveness of the brand

China aluminum doors and windows: with the improvement of social awareness of environmental protection and the improvement of China's environmental protection system, environmental protection will be an untouchable red line in the development of doors and windows and furniture industry. In this regard, both furniture enterprises and door and window enterprises in the upper reaches of the industrial chain must maintain a clear understanding. So how will your company carry out its work in actual operation

Mr. Liu: our company has environmental protection regulations and environmental protection facilities in its internal production environment. Our workshop carries out environmental protection treatment on dust. Our doors and windows are manufactured in accordance with domestic environmental protection standards during processing and production. Our products adopt imported surface treatment technology of bridge breaking and threading and imported hardware accessories. Therefore, the doors and windows we produced meet the environmental protection standards of doors and windows

China aluminum doors and windows: the Guangzhou Construction Expo in July is coming. As an upstream enterprise brand, it will appear in this grand exhibition. Can you tell us about the new products in advance

president Liu: since 2007, we have participated in the Guangzhou Construction Expo every year, and the exhibition area is gradually increasing. Our products are updated and optimized every year. In this exhibition, we mainly show the practicality and functionality of our products. We will bring our window products. Our windows and doors can be combined to create a sunshine room. At the exhibition, more consumers recognized the superiority of our window products, and everyone felt that the grade of zunba products was constantly improved and the product line was more abundant. Also let our dealers know more about the continuous upgrading of zunba brand. Our products are reassuring for end users. Operating zunba door and window brand enables dealers' friends to make real profits

China aluminum doors and windows: for 2016, peers in the industry are full of expectations, calling it the return of victory (Saint). So how will zunba work in the new year? What are the different faces shown to us

president Liu: first, constantly improve our brand image; Second, constantly optimize our products; Third, improve the image of our franchise store. We plan to help dealers do activities to open the local market. In the next exhibition, we will consider participating outside the province, gradually opening up the northern market area, and improving our brand reputation and popularity




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