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Three disciplines

1. Maintaining a harmonious and natural style

style positioning is the prerequisite for the success of home decoration. If it is not a large area of more than 200-300 square meters, it is recommended that the interior decoration style be unified, or Chinese style, or European style, and avoid confusion and mixing

color unity is the guarantee of harmony in home decoration. Psychologists have confirmed that color has a very strong psychological implication on people, and chaotic colors are easy to cause a series of problems such as visual nerve tension, mood confusion, fear and so on

therefore, the color selection should not only conform to the personality of yourself and your family, but also conform to the principle of color matching. No matter whether it is cold or warm color adjustment, it is best to choose only one color tone

unified lighting and harmonious lighting are the switches of home decoration. The two most easy extremes are either frugality and frugality, and the lights in the home are like small candles “ Flickering ”, Or “ Stars twinkle ” Not afraid of waste

indoor light sources are light and dark, and the switch design should also be combined with multiple switches to achieve the greatest success at the least cost

2. Decoration must adhere to “ Opinions &rdquo

at the beginning of decoration, if you want to be the commander-in-chief of this home decoration war, remember not to trust some decoration companies “ Turnkey project &rdquo

conformity is the biggest enemy of home decoration, and many people are easy to imitate others when decorating. More than 90% of home decorators like to learn from their friends and neighbors' homes. They find a bright spot in decoration and want to learn from it in the whole community

blindly following the trend will lead to decoration not in line with living habits, and will greatly reduce the mood of living. If it is easy to install, it will be difficult to change. It's best to browse decoration design books, and finally choose the model that is most harmonious with your hobbies and personality to go home and ponder. You can also download it from the website to establish a personality database

3. Know the trade-offs and let the room “ Open-minded &rdquo

spacious rooms can make people feel “ Bright ”, And narrow rooms often give people a sense of grievance and anxiety. Modern decoration pays attention to the depth and emptiness of vision. Special attention should be paid to leaving a space zone similar to the fast track of the road. Even if a straight line only one meter and one foot wide is left, there is no furniture barrier in the middle. For example, the master bedroom faces south, the kitchen faces north, and the middle passes through the living room and dining room. The furniture can be adjusted skillfully, looking from the south window of the master bedroom to the North window of the bedroom

the sense of depth and emptiness also puts forward strict requirements for roofs, corners, edges, furniture placement and surface ornaments. We must be empty when we have time, and prefer lack to abuse

avoid luxury and display psychology. Furniture is too spacious and luxurious, which is related to housing area and owner identity “ It's wrong to leave the door unattended ”, It's funny that you can't do what you want. Or put all the crafts and photos out and hang them, as if they were in a store

“ New three years, old three years, sewing and mending for three years ” Psychology will also lead to the narrow and chaotic space. All the old furniture and furnishings are not willing to throw away, in “ New house ” Fighting with the overall style is unpopular

eight notes

1. Don't let the door open “ Shoe club &rdquo

many friends paved the dining room and living room with tiles, and then paved the floor in the bedroom. They took off their slippers and put on socks at the door of the bedroom. A pile of shoes at the door greatly hurt the beauty of the visual space

the correct method is to unify the ground style and material, and pay special attention to the harmonious unity of door and ground color, material and style

2. Don't let “ Plaster ” Plastered on the wall

many home furnishings always install coat hooks, hangers, and lockers in the lobby, behind the door, or in the bathroom. They also call it "things hang up and don't take up space". These stereotypes are not only a great encroachment on the visual space, but also a mess in the house. More importantly, there are things that are always unused in the hanging cabinet

it is better to set up a cloakroom or storage room and storage cabinet at the corner without affecting the spatial law of the viewing angle

3. Don't let the beautiful cloth art captivate your eyes

too thick, luxurious and complex curtains, not to mention increasing the economic cost, are also a silent invasion of the visual space. It is particularly recommended to boldly try the blinds, which have no curtain box, curtain frame suppressed sense of liberation and the warm winter and cool summer feeling after the mediation of the blinds, which will surprise you

4. Don't let “ Corners ” Don't show your face

“ Home decoration ” It is easy to ignore the occupation of the skirting line on the visual space, and some skirting lines are very thick, which increases the bulkiness of the room. The author's home is full of light colors, and the wooden floor is equipped with a skirting line. Feeling persecuted for visual extension, he resolutely cancelled the skirting line. As a result, the neighbor came in with the same area as my home and asked: “ Is your home as big as mine& rdquo; By the way, seven “ Full angle &rdquo

it's better not to put a hanging cabinet in the room, and the vertical cabinet should not be hit to the top, leaving 10-20 cm to expose the valuable indoor sky --“ Copper top &rdquo

5. Don't let the level not settle

you can make a 20-30cm high and 50-60cm wide edge beside the French window. You can sit or lie by the bed reading and watching the scenery, and you can also make the balcony of the whole French window on the floor

take the junction of the functional area of the lobby, living room and restaurant as the boundary, turn the restaurant into a floor, and take the connection between the restaurant and the open kitchen as the boundary to form a three-level floor. The first stage of the platform is 6-7 cm, and the second stage is no more than 15 cm

take the junction of the living room and the study as the boundary, build a second step in the living room, take the junction of the living room and the French window balcony as the junction, and build a third floor on the balcony, “ Scattered ” It will greatly enhance the sense of hierarchy, novelty and regression of visual space

6. The living room and bedroom are not misplaced

many “ Home decoration ” Take the living room as the top priority of investment, but ignore the function and status of the living room. However, it is not always possible to have guests at home, and family reunion is necessary every day

suggestions “ Home decoration ” Turn the living room next to the master bedroom into a living room, which can have a relatively clean space for chatting, watching TV, reading, etc. if there is another living room at home, it is best

if there is no separate living room, the dining room can be used as the living room. If conditions permit, a pair of small sofas or a pair of soft chairs can be placed in the dining room. The dining tables and chairs are mostly hardwood, which can be taken care of after the guests leave

7. Don't let the master bedroom “ Too depressed &rdquo

most home decoration uses large bedroom cabinets and dressers to fill the bedroom

it is best to design a large combination cabinet in the aisle or hallway, in which several clothes hanging spaces are designed according to the cleanliness and the habits of family members. In the bedroom, only light and short cabinets with clean underwear and bathrobes can be designed, and the bedroom space can be vacated as much as possible. If possible, a soft couch can be placed to decompose the functions of some living rooms

8. Don't be wronged “ Four elves &rdquo

air conditioners, refrigerators, range hoods and radiators are the four spirits of home decoration, and improper placement will spoil the scenery. When installing an air conditioner, be careful not to show “ Snake neck &rdquo-- A large section of refrigeration pipe hung on the wall like a white snake. Range hood with “ Transparent ” In order to do this, we must choose a glass cover with a wide field of vision. The large row of pipes of the range hood must not be exposed and stick to the wall, and must be outsourced with gusset plates. Refrigerators should not be greedy, just enough for a family, and the color must be harmonious with the walls of all furniture; Do not change the radiator, but it can be appropriate “ Beauty ”, Re spray paint with the same color as the wall





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