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Intelligent technology has facilitated our life. For example, all kinds of intelligent electronic products have basically become standard products owned by everyone. Intelligent wardrobe is also a member of the intelligent family. It has been only in recent years

intelligent technology has facilitated our life. For example, all kinds of intelligent electronic products have basically become standard products owned by everyone. Smart wardrobes are also members of the smart family. It has only become popular in recent years, and more and more smart wardrobes have begun to appear in life. Many consumers are still vague about smart wardrobes, and are asking how about smart wardrobes? Is the smart wardrobe practical? Now let's introduce the smart wardrobe of eichen Sega


intelligent storage system

modern people pay more and more attention to their own dress, and wearing appropriate clothes on different occasions has become a kind of politeness. At the same time, there are more and more clothes and accessories. The storage requirements for the wardrobe have also increased, and the customized intelligent storage function has also become one of the important reasons for consumers to buy the wardrobe

the lifting hanging rod, damping basket, drawer, rotating shoe rack, etc. of the smart wardrobe can greatly use the space of the wardrobe, which is convenient and labor-saving


clothing cooking system

for huinantian in the South and sauna in the north, it is particularly important to maintain the internal storage environment of the wardrobe. The smart wardrobe is like an air-conditioned room, which always provides the best humidity and temperature environment for clothes storage. By adjusting the humidity and temperature in the cabinet, the clothes can be kept as bright and clean as new to prevent mildew and moths. At the same time, it also has the effects of sterilization, deodorization and drying, which can bring great changes to people's lives

clothing cooking

mite removal and sterilization


intelligent sensing system

the wardrobe door can be opened sensitively by touching it gently. It can also open the door by voice control, which is not only convenient but also very sensitive

the wardrobe is equipped with intelligent lighting, with inductive switch control, which makes it easy to select clothes in case of insufficient light, and also plays a good decorative role


wardrobe for you to sleep

the external circulation mode of eichen Sega smart wardrobe can help realize the purification and freshness of room air and help us quickly enter deep sleep. In the intelligent equipment cabinet of our system, we will have an air inlet and an air outlet. When the wind enters from the air inlet, the equipment has multi-layer filters for air filtration, including the filtration of large particles, formaldehyde, PM2.5, PVOC and other harmful substances. At the same time, our system is also equipped with a negative ion generator, which makes you feel like you are in the nature forest by constantly releasing negative oxygen ions

the aromatherapy system will also emit a faint fragrance that you like. When you sleep, with the light music of the intelligent voice system, you will slowly and peacefully fall asleep, and your whole body will be relaxed in your sleep

air purification, enjoy deep and good sleep


remote control of Internet of things mobile app

control the internal functions of the wardrobe by connecting the wardrobe with the mobile phone, and manage your own wardrobe at any time. Even if you are not in the room, if you want to dehumidify and dry clothes outside or do a good job in indoor ventilation in advance, you only need to click the mobile app for processing, which is convenient, fast, and labor-saving

one click control saves you worry and effort

nowadays, smart wardrobes have penetrated into our lives, and smart products have also made great changes in our lives, which are closely related to us. The post-90s and post-80s are the main household consumers. They can quickly accept new things, which also provides an opportunity for the development of smart wardrobes. Join Aichen SEGA and share wealth and business opportunities





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