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Recently, CCTV's weekly quality report reported that according to the newly released results of national supervision and spot check on the quality of children's furniture products, the unqualified rate of children's furniture products is 30%, and most of the unqualified items involve safety issues

recently, CCTV's weekly quality report reported that according to the newly released national supervision and spot check results of children's furniture product quality, the unqualified rate of children's furniture products is 30%, of which most unqualified items involve safety issues

unlike adult furniture, children's furniture has stricter requirements on safety

for example, there are clear provisions in terms of edges, tips, hole gaps and the release of harmful substances. The compulsory national standard for children's furniture "general technical conditions for children's furniture" has two basic provisions for children's furniture, one is the limit of harmful substances, the other is structural safety

as we all know, excessive formaldehyde emission affects human health, especially children. Parents pay close attention to this indicator when buying. Children's furniture enterprises also have a clear understanding of this and pay more attention to it. From the test results, the qualified rate of formaldehyde emission of children's furniture products is on the rise, which is gratifying

baidibao, one of the top ten Chinese board brands: attention to detail is the key to the design of children's furniture

children's furniture enterprises should pay more attention to details and embody the concept of people-oriented. From KFC and McDonalds' specially designed dining tables and hand basins according to the height characteristics of children, to high-end shopping malls' nursing rooms or finishing rooms specially set up for women with babies, all reflect the warm care and humanistic care for customers in details

the consumer group of children's furniture is a small customer at a special age and deserves more care and protection. The design and production of children's furniture can truly eliminate potential safety hazards and protect children's safety only from a special point of view and put oneself in the interests of children. For example, a small action of making the square corner of the table into an arc corner will greatly reduce the risk of children's collision and injury; A small warning sign will attract parents' attention in order to take measures to prevent risks

it's understandable that children's furniture is lively and cute, quite cartoon, in order to win customers' favor. However, the injury events caused by safety problems in details are small losses, putting the cart before the horse, and the gains outweigh the losses

Baidi Baoer children's room special board used in home decoration exceeds the national environmental protection standards, has high environmental protection performance, and Zui largely eliminates the effects of toxic substances on children's locks during growth and development or with low immunity. Stable performance, from material selection to finished products, every link ensures environmental protection, non-toxic and decorative. It is suitable for school-age children. At present, it is widely used in the decoration of families and various public places

if children's furniture enterprises want to become bigger, stronger and longer, of course, they are controlled by many factors, but one thing must not be ignored - adhering to the humanistic concept and paying attention to details. This is the foundation of children's furniture enterprises, and it is also a human-oriented performance of an excellent enterprise


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