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Recently, a netizen posted a post on the home improvement Forum summarizing the experience of decoration in the past five months. These experiences are most needed for our friends who are preparing to decorate. Next, let's go and have a look with Xiaobian!   1. Choice of decorative style

at present, European Jane, modern, pastoral, Mediterranean style are popular. Among them, simplicity is the best decoration. Now, no matter in the building materials market or furniture stores, as well as lighting and decoration stores, there are the most pastoral decorative materials. In fact, it's also good to mix and match, but we should consider the problem of excessive styles. At first, my family decided to be modern and simple, but some parts of the decoration have gradually become European or pastoral style. Before preparing for decoration, we should first decide on the style, discuss with our family, and be firm in our thinking, so as not to be affected by the surrounding influence

Xiaobian reminds: in Wuhan market, modern simple style decoration is the most affordable

2. Decoration companies are sure to shop around. Some are in the name of creativity, and some are strong in workmanship, so it doesn't hurt to find more. Although we can't get the drawings, we can absorb his creativity and ideas in the communication with the designer. Don't choose between high and low prices. Things with low prices are not always good. However, price and candidate companies are your weapons for negotiation. When they can't be reduced any more, it's time for you to make a move. A designer friend once said: no matter how much money you spend, the effect of pretending may not be good, but the effect of not spending much money is certainly bad. The decoration is divided into half contract, full contract and clear package. Half package mainly includes labor, cement, sand, paint, wood core board, water pipe, wire, etc. The whole package is based on the half package, plus tiles, floors, integrated ceilings, lights, etc. Clearing the bag is basically manual, and others handle it all by themselves. Taking half package as an example, the steps are: room measurement, drawing, budget, deposit, construction drawing, effect drawing, contract signing, commencement ceremony, layout transformation, water and electricity transformation, Mason mobilization, carpenter mobilization, painter mobilization, third party mobilization (installation of cabinets, smoke machines, stoves, floors, wallpaper, etc.), water and electricity installation, painter maintenance, etc. The above links can't be reversed

3. More shopping in the building materials market

whether it's half or all inclusive, it's inevitable to go for materials. There are so many kinds of decorative materials that it is difficult to distinguish between high and low grades. In addition, the merchants have not discussed killing you as a layman, which is very traumatic. During this period, we must ask more questions and see more things, and we will only start with five companies. Every building materials market is real, but the price is not necessarily real. Usually I go to have a look when doing activities

the above is the experience of this netizen since five months of decoration, which is summarized from the perspective of his own owner. For specific explanations on decoration style, decoration company and building materials market, please link to the learning decoration channel and forum section of Wuhan home decoration network to share and learn




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