Steps of shoe cabinet purchase

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Steps of shoe cabinet purchase

steps of shoe cabinet purchase

old carpenter is pointed out that shoe cabinet is the only destination of shoes. Choosing a good shoe cabinet can maintain your shoes

when choosing a shoe cabinet, remember to consider the size

when choosing a shoe cabinet, you can choose according to the space. Remember that the larger the shoe cabinet is, the better. Pay attention to the choice of size. People who have special requirements for size can customize it. Generally speaking, shoe cabinets are multi-layer. According to the interpretation of Feng Shui, a five story high shoe cabinet is the best, because it represents the coexistence of five elements

there is no big problem with shoe cabinets with less than five floors, but if the level of shoe cabinets is more than five, it will be annoying. Shoes belong to soil, which means being down-to-earth. If you put your shoes too high, it will affect your wearing, and it is easy to fall and sprain when walking. In addition, shoes represent the foundation, which is conducive to the development of career ideals

ordinary shoe cabinets should be selected according to their functions

gently press each stress point, such as shelf support or column foot door leaf, to check whether it is stable

check the positioning and sliding of drawers, open all drawers and door leaves, and ensure that they are installed properly and there is no problem in use

the old carpenter said: I will realize your creativity! The old carpenter's logs are customized in the whole house, and the cracking and deformation are compensated twice

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